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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Questions

All Jewish journeys - that is to say not simply journeys undertaken by Jews - begin with questions.  Here are the two I have been considering since moving to Baltimore from Chicago to become the rabbi of historic Beth Am in Reservoir Hill:

1. How do Jewish values inform city-living?
2. How does living in the city affect an ancient tradition as it renews itself for the 21st Century?

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. As a resident of Reservoir Hill, i was walking home late last night around 12:30 am through the ice storm. As a walked down the street one of my neighbors was shoveling the sidewalks to help make everyone's morning a bit easier, by removing the snow and ice that was falling. When i saw this, i grabbed my shovel and helped with his effort. Previously living in Pikesville i barely knew my neighbors, and rarely did I see someone picking up trash or shoveling the steps of an elderly neighbor (in poor weather). For me Reservoir Hill is about tikkun alom, repairing the world. With it's diversity, urban pioneers, artists, farmers, community builders, and those that do the smalls things that make a difference; i am able to see the environment evolving around me.